First post here, never had a need to post until now

Here is my problem: My computer is suffering from something. I will be playing my game, Arma2 or Arma3, then all of a sudden I will loose some of my sounds? Teamspeak3 no longer functions and all Windows sounds do not work. The game sounds continue to work. I try restarting Teamspeak3 and it hangs up and will not restart. I attempt to close the game and it takes soooo long that it is not normal. Attempting to shut down my PC it hangs up with a "Waiting to play logoff sound (explorer.exe)" which I know is due to the sound not working or it just hangs up in general and does not shut down without the assistance of the power button.. Once rebooted, everything works fine until I am playing the game again then the Temaspeak3 and Windows sound stop working again. If I do not play the game the computer performs flawless so I assume it has something to do with Teamspeak3 or the ACRE plugin. Once the issue occurs, the transmit light on Teamspeak3 will stay lit but I am not broadcasting and no one can hear me. I still can hear everyone else though.

I have run virus scans and nothing shows. I reinstalled Teamspeak3 and the ACRE mod and it appeared that did the trick as I was able to play without issue for about 2 hours but then problem occured again.

PC Specs.
Intel Core i7-3770K (4 x 3.50GHz) Processor
16GB (8x2) DDR3 SDRAM
Xonar DX 7.1 Soundcard
Windows 7 Home OS
Running Astro A50s connected via Optical but I don't think that will have anything to do with this but?

Any ideas... I am running out. Help!!!