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    Teamspeak server offline (hosted)


    I rented a server with Beneluxgaming (it is on the list of TS hosts) but it has been down for more like 32 hours. I cant contact anyone, I get no reply to my email i send yesterday morning, If I call, i got a machine telling me I'm the first in line, then got transfered to voicemail. Even tried Twitter.

    Since beneluxgaming is on TS list of companies where i could rent a server I was hoping there could be a sollution. Because if the company is down (maybe stays down) they shouldn't be on the list, but i cant report it, because i have not a licence ( i wouldn't know why to purchase a license as just a user of TS renting a server)

    Maybe someone has the same problem? Or does have a server there, but has no problem? Would love to know that too.

    Is there anything i can do?

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    We can not help here.
    It's their service or server that is down.
    But i can reach their website.
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