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    Some Questions about running a server.

    Hello all,

    I'm new to the forum scene but here it goes.

    I've recently began hosting my own TS3 for me and my guild.

    I wanted to know if there was any program or anything I can do to provide personal security. I've been figuring having a good firewall suite.
    Am I right?

    I would also like to know that if there is a way for me to host my server...virtually? So I will not have to have my computer on 24/7 or certain times of the day.

    Always on without worrying.
    Or really just some way of hosting that doesn't require me to put it on my own computer.

    Thank you all!

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    only extremely few hosts actually host their servers on a local machine, the vast majority does not even use Windows for that. There is too much that would need to be explained here, therefore I will just give you some key words for you to look up.
    VPS (Virtual Private Server), Root server, Linux (different distributions - Debian, Ubuntu, CentOs, ...), clamd (some anti virus for a VPS)

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    If you don't have experience with virtual or root servers, I would not suggest doing that. There is much that can go wrong, e.g. if your server gets hijacked (because of bad security) and is used for botnets. It will get you into serious problems. You should rent a TS3 server.

    And if you ask me, firewalls are simply overrated. Linux servers do that on their own and at home, nearly all routers have NAT.

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