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    Exclamation Random disconnecting from servers

    Hello guys!

    I have a problem with my TeamSpeak 3...
    When i'm talking with my clan on the clan TeamSpeak 3 server I often get random disconnected?
    This happens often and its really annoying because i'm randomly gone and cant communicate with them for a few minutes.
    I already asked the Admins if i had some kind of error but they say i just get disconnected and people in the channel hears "User in your channel timed out" I still have my internet connection and i can also go on with the game.
    Never had some kind of problem like this before with an other application like Skype.

    Help is welcome!

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    Please download WinMTR and enter the server's IP. Start it when you connect to the server and stop it around 30 seconds after your disconnect. Every 5 or 10 minutes, please start over, because the mean value won't tell us much anymore then.

    This error has nothing to do with TS3. We will just tell you who you have to ask, depending on where the problem is:
    • Your internet connection is sometimes too bad for UDP. In this case, you must use a TCP-based voice tool. This has been discussed several times already.
    • The route suddenly breaks. In this case, you would have to ask either your ISP or the server's ISP.

    More details after you posted the MTR.

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