I found an interesting bug when it comes to user permissions and the Opus audio codec. I wanted to create an alternative ServerAdmin group (different name / different icon) with ServerAdmin permissions. I created the role based on the ServerAdmin role and then double-checked that all permission check boxes were checked.

Now, when I removed the ServerAdmin group from my user (while keeping the new role) I couldn't set a new channel to use any Opus audio codec (voice or music). Interestingly enough, I had enough permissions to just add myself back to the ServerAdmin group and do it.

This looks to be a bug in the permissions for those with ServerAdmin abilities. Realistically, the new group I created should have the same access as the ServerAdmin, including using the Opus audio codec.

This happened on the latest stable TS3 Client on OS X and the server was the latest stable build on 64-bit Linux.

For my own curiosity, why does this restriction exist? Shouldn't anyone who can create a channel be able to use Opus?