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    Low ping high packet loss

    Yesterday i made fresh install of Centos 6 (with updates) and TS3 server. Everything was great (entire day) until this morning when the problem start. When i connected to TS i notice high packet loss but not only for me, even other users (on different locations, e.g. from different countries) have the same problem. Here is the screenshot:
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    I even check server connection info and its same situation so for sure its not my connection but must be a probelm with a server. What is important i didnt make any changes, no updates, nothing from yesterday to today. I try everything i could think or i could do from my side but nothing help. My VPS with 4 cores of an E3-1230v2 processor at 3.30 GHz each core, 2Gb of mem, and so on should be able to handle much more then a Centos 6 with TS server and few members. Just to mention i dont even have a CP installed on my VPS.
    So until i see what is going on with server provider anyone could give me some ideas what could be a problem or at least where i should look for it.

    P.S. On the screenshot you can see "opus music" codec but that just left because i try to change codecs to see if anything will change but didnt make any difference.
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    Im also having a similar issue.

    Running TS on a VPS along side 2 forums and an EVE Killboard.

    Packet loss is running from 5-50%.

    Any known solutions?

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    We had a similar issue on our server that was being caused by this bug:

    What was happening to us was that every time someone would assign a group it would cause a massive spike in the CPU usage and therefore cause high packet loss. The latest server version fixes this issue (

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    Can't speak for the other guy. But thats not my issue.

    Its constant rate of packet loss, always at least 5% spike to 50-60

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    Have you checked to see if you have abnormally high cpu usage?

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    I was getting tons of packet loss with Centos6. I switched over to Ubuntu 14 and it went down about 60% overall. Cant say why, but might have something to do with how the real CPU and vCPU interacts with different distros installed

    who is your host?

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    That bug mentioned above was resolved already. Could be a bandwidth issue or simply an issue with the routing. I'd run an WinMTR scan on the IP and see what the source of the packet loss is. Using the search, I discovered this post which talks a bit about it.

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