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Thread: General Help

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    General Help


    I've Using Teamspeak for a while now and thought I had it down packed as far as the semi technical aspects

    However recently I've joined a Clan and their Teamspeak and notice some cool automated features that I would like to Learn, Disclaimer I have a Couple Noob Questions, So bare with me.

    When I toggle my Mic To Mute or Speakers, I automatically get moved to an AFK channel, How?

    I do I go about rearranging Power ON Server, I've noticed that when I make a group it gets automatically assign a Number I.e. Officer (312), Who is that Used for and can it be arranged?

    If how do I rearrange the order of groups, Once Created?

    On the Clans Teamspeak they have it set up to where in certain channels used for dispatching, U need a set Channel Groups it only comes on when you join the Channel and disappears once you leave the channel.

    This is all for now. I will utilize the Topic for when I return with questions.

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