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    Unhappy I can start a server and connect locally but my friends can not connect to my server

    from what I see everything is configured correctly cut it does not even show in the server list now and friends are not allowed to connect to my server

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    Asuming you installed TS-server on your home PC in a private network, there are some steps needed to make this server available to public access. Your PC has a private adress like 192.168.x.x whitch won't be routed on the Internet. You need to set port-forwarding on your internet-router and tell your friends your public IP (the routers external IP) or set up a dynamic-dns service ( or something your router has built in).

    There are some guides in this forum regarding that issue.

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    It makes me feel a little sad that we have so many really good sticky threads and nobody bothers to read them
    I feel like giving you a big clue though: The solution to this has been posted so many times, that we created a sticky thread for this.
    Another even bigger clue: See here:

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