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    Question Different Permissions for different channels

    Hi everybody, I have multiple channels that need multiple select permissions.

    I can't have my Administrators of Game #1 up in the Administrator channel of Game #2

    Yes, I know Channel groups are there but Channel Groups only do ONE permission am I correct? I need to have multiple different "Channel Groups" so they have permissions and different badges for that Group of Channels and Sub-Channels.


    Game #1 - (Groups - Legit, Administrator, Regular, Donated)
    I want them in Game #2 with ( Groups - Regular)

    I don't want them going into Game 2 with all those badges when they haven't earned\obtained them yet.

    ~Thanks, Elegant

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    I'm afraid to tell you that this is not possible. As you said yourself, you can only have 1 channel group and server groups are serverwide.

    One thing you can do is, make badges for ervery game e.g. Veteran - Game 1 and Veteran - Game 2.

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    You have an AAL or rent your server from an ATHP, right?

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    Shouldn't this be possible with Channel Client Permissions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by infinit_e View Post
    Shouldn't this be possible with Channel Client Permissions?
    Yes and no,
    you can assign the permissions, yes. You cannot assign several badges though. I guess this is the main point why the user is asking (as people seem to love badges).

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