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    Need help running TS3Server on VMWare

    hello. i run ts3 server under ubuntu 13.10 server installed on vmware workstation 10 (which in turn runs under windows 7). thus - windows is a host with a ts3client, linux - guest with a server. internet forwarded to the guest through NAT. So after the server starts, i run the client on the host system (win7) with the IP which virtual NAT adapter gives to the guest (linux) -everything works fine. But as soon as I try to connect to the server from outer network (internet) it fails. Surely when connecting as remote client i write the real external IP of my PC. I guess I should forward the route so that after accessing my real network adapter data-flow redirects to the virtual subnet, is that correct? Any ideas and help appreciated! Thank you.

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    That is correct. You need to forward the ports. Please see here:

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    thank you. I did the forwarding in VMWare NAT adapter settings.

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