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    Question Server Broken *weird issue*


    server was working fine a few hours ago
    the first thing that broke down was the ability to poke
    "Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again"

    the next thing was missing talk powers and people not being able to change rooms

    once somebody left the server it was impossible for that person to reconnect
    log : " Failed to connect to server"

    why would teamspeak ever do such a thing :P

    my knowledge with teamspeak is fairly limited but i dont think this should be happening
    the server itself is still running as iam still connected to it

    thanks in advance !

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    My initial guess would be that you or someone else have messed with your server settings where you shouldn't have.
    Like Edit virtual server > Anti-Flood ?

    If it isn't too much work just rename/move it away ts3server.sqlitedb along with files subfolder from teamspeak3 server folder after you shutdown the server. Then configure your server from start.

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    3 knowledge about teamspeak is exceptionally limited enough for me to know i should never mess with/change any settings (and i didnt )
    the only other person who could do it is the server owner .. and hes pretty busy working in the navy - he has not been online since xmas - he got no reason to mess with teamspeak

    for whatever reason the server started auto-banning people for 10 minutes after any one person left the server (by choice or connection drop)

    autoban time now set to 1 and all problems are solved ..for now

    hah !

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    Would you welcome someone taking a look in it?
    Is there other changes you done since the "mess-up", aside autoban time?

    Or you consider it completely solved?

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