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    Help LUA print client ip address

    I'm going crazy from 2 days to edit and test custom.lua, ts3defs.lua, and reading trying to understand various ts3 c++ headers includes.

    I understood how it works, but anyway I have no more solutions/ideas, and I need a little help, I just need to print the client ip address (CONNECTION_CLIENT_IP), next I'll include my algorithm in that I already tested with CLIENT_NICKNAME that works good instead of CONNECTION_CLIENT_IP

    Hope someone can help me, thanks in advance.

    PS : I had to write
    ConnectionProperties = ConnectionProperties,
    in Package exports, and
    local ConnectionProperties = {
    in ts3defs.lua because all Connection stuffs are missing and not defined in .lua files but I did solve nothing anyway, also trying more times to edit showClients function in custom.lua file.
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