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    [REQUEST] Server-side private chat logger


    I did a few Google searches on this topic and also searched this forum, but I neither found an option to activate this in the admin backend, nor a server-side plugin for that.
    I know that this option is not available by default for reasons of privacy, but I have good reasons (which I am not going to discuss here) to try and enable it anyway.

    So, is there a way to write a server-side plugin that logs all private messages between users? I thought about a script that simply dumps every private message sent into a file, together with the IDs and the nicknames of the corresponding users. Also, it would be nice to log events like connecting and disconnecting clients, and opening and closing chat windows.
    This file could then be post-processed and split into separate chat log files using a suitable programming/scripting language.

    Anybody got ideas how this could be realized?

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    That is not just a privacy issues by default, I'd say not possible and if it somehow were it would definitely not be explained here.

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    Since every client has something like a public and private key, hopefully every private message between two clients is encrypted with the public key of the target of the message.
    The key is not very long, so it is breakable, but it would definitely require more than just a few seconds to break that key. Because of this even logging the raw traffic between client and server wouldn't lead to anything useful.
    Closing the chat window is also some sort of chat-message, so the same problem applies to that.

    In contrast, connecting and disconnecting can be logged in the server log, so you could parse that, if that leads to anything useful for you.

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