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    Permissions issue with Server/channel groups. i_group_member_add_power

    I had my server groups for a while. I just noticed that if channel group i_group_member_add_power is say 50 they can still add server groups to a client if there in that group for there channel. But in removing it disables them from adding like channel ops voices ext. Is there a way to only allow them to modify channel groups and not server groups?,

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    Yes, this can be done. All that needs doing is setting the i_group_needed_member_add_power higher than 50 for all server groups.

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    This is true. It is always best to reduce the add/remove power of channel group's so that you can then have many more server group's with add/remove powers exceeding the channel groups. For example if you make sure guests and everyone else have no add/remove power and that everything is secure, you could reduce the add/remove power of the channel groups starting from say a power of 10, then create as many channel groups as you need and just increment the add power and requirement by 1. Then you could, for example, start all your server groups from a power level of 20 or so, thus giving you space to have several client permissions while having a large amount of server groups that cannot be assigned just based on the add/remove power given by the channel group.

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