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    [REQUEST] Monitor online time of people

    Hello all,

    I run a community and own another. Also I work for a company that offers online support through TS3. What I am asking will be used for all three of these cases. I am looking for a plugin that would allow me to monitor and log how long someone is online for and active.

    So TS3 member "Bob" is online in TS for 4 hours and I want to monitor the amount of time Bob has a idle time of under say... 2 minutes. So if Bob is online for 4 hours and I know that he has had a idle time of less then 2 minutes for 2 of those hours. I can know that he has been active for at least 2 hours.

    I have poked around for something like this and cannot find anything on it. Anyone with the expertise able to help me out or point me in the right direction?

    Thank you

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    That would probably require the usage of a server-based bot that performs a "clientinfo" query on the server every minute for every online client you are interested in. Only here you can see how long a given client is idle.
    You would then save these snapshots of idle time information and general online time information in a reporting database, consolidate it, and make reports out of it.

    Perhaps there are bots out there that acquire such information already.

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    getting how long the client is connected is easy

    you can setup a bot(server side) that add entries in "ClientEnterView"(connected) and "ClientLeftView"(disconnected) events and log them to DB with timestamps then calculate the time for every client later with another script or DB query (for better performance and customization)

    but the idle part is kinda heavy (performance wise) you need to loop info
    also from your post i can see this is serious business(i guess support personals active time for payments? right?) the idle time can be fooled easily personally i don't think its reliable and the effort to monitor it with a loop and such is too much

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