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    Problem with NPO 512 slot lizenz is not Work

    Hi, I have the following problem I have a npl license applied for 512 slots also get this when I have my ts3 server stopped and the license have uploaded to my ftp and I started the ts3 server again then I wanted to slot 512 and convert it told me that the maximum is reached at slots 32 slots and I can not switch to 512 slots have this can get dat file as a. someone help me
    thank you

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    Check the hash of the file you received by email and that ended up on your server, they should obviously be the exact same, otherwise try and reupload again or download the file directly to your server to rule out any FTP errors (more frequent than you might think). Also make sure that the first few lines of the licensekey contain your personal information you provided in a human readable form, followed by a long string of alphanumeric characters.
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