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    Can a ServerQuery guest have more/other rights than a voice guest?


    our guild removed the channel subscribe right from the "Guest" server group because we don't want guests to see all clients in all channels. On our guild homepage (Enjin), there is a TS3 plugin which uses ServerQuery login (and executes the commands "use port=...", "whoami", "serverinfo", "channellist...", "clientlist...", and finally "quit"). Since the ServerQuery guest seems to have the same rights as a "voice guest", the other channels (beside the default channel) cannot be subscribed, and the TS3 plugin on our homepage shows only empty channels - always.

    I had already thought of a special ServerQuery user (with username and password) who has "guild rights" and may subscribe to all channels, but the Enjin plugin doesn't allow to enter any login data (just IP and port).

    Different ServerQuery rights depending on the client's IP address would be nice, too, (or whether a ServerQuery user's IP address is included in the whitelist), but that doesn't seem to be possible either.

    Any idea how to manage this?

    Thank you,


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    BTW, until there's a real good solution, I have written a small PHP script which acts like a ServerQuery proxy: listens at port 10012 as a server and connects to port 10011 as a client and routes everything through - except that it sends 'login username password' at first, when a connection is made. So I could create a query user with guild membership who is allowed to subscribe to all channels and gets all clients by 'clientlist'.

    Strange solution, I confess, but it works


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    All you need to do is go to client permissions and type in ServerQuery for the name and press enter. Then assign subscribe power to this, so that anyone who connects as a standard serverquery client will be able to see inside channels. I have done this many times to either let a website like game tracker see everyone while guests inside the server cannot see everyone and thus spam them, or to make it so that the serverquery guests like gametracker cannot see in to certain places that people actually in the server can. Try it, it works rather nicely. Remember to add the skip setting for your subscribe to make sure nothing overwrites it.

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