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    run a snapshot of a ts3server as backupserver

    I want to do the following:
    • Snapshot my TS3-Mainserver as is it for the backupserver (whit all channels, rights and clients). Doing whit YAQST
    • Install the copy on my backupserver and start this

    What is the reason for that:
    I want to have a backupserver for my actual TS3-Server that run's. So that my member can connect to the backupserver if the mainserver doesn't work (when it is down).

    The problem is as follows:
    If I start the backup server later as the mainserver, then the mainserver goes down after about one or two hours whit the message in the log: another server whit this id is running elswhere. shuting down. (or something like that).

    Even which server I start later, the server I started before goes down whit this errormessage in the log.

    How can I run a copy of my mainserver on a backupserver so that are both up and running (maybe whit different SID). Important is only that I can weekly get a snapshot from the mainserver to install it on the backup server.

    Any ideas?

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    The snapshot function is not made to clone a server. A snapshot is a 1:1-copy of the original server including it's unique server id. If you start that server on another host the first server will go down as soon as the account will notice that both servers are running.

    You could try to build yourself a fail script. e.g. try to connect to the server query of the first server if that fails - and only then - start the backup server.

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    Thanks Barungar
    Then I'll write a script in php. I was hoping that there might be a more elegant solution to the problem.

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