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    Importing Favorites


    I just set up my System new and can't find my old TS3 Favorites / Server List anymore.

    Before I redid the System I made a backup of the C:\ Drive So the old Server list can not be lost. But the only entries i find are a Folder in User\AppData\Roaming\Teamspeak3Client.

    So I copied that Folder onto the new System but when i open TS3 now i have an empty favorites list.
    Therefore the Server / Favorites list must be hidden somewhere else. Can anyone help me and tell me where i can find my old list, or the Name of the file?
    Thanks in advance.

    OH, btw, my Systeme is Win7 64 Ultimate.

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    The name of the bookmarks file is: settings.db
    Passwords are stored in: ts3clientui_qt.secrets

    Please make sure you put it in the location you selected during installation.

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