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    Inconsistent speaker volume

    For some reason, for the first second or so after someone's mic opens because they're going to talk, everything they say is really loud. Usually this means that just their first word is exceptionally loud and then if they say more than a single word, their volume returns to normal. Does this happen with anyone else? How do I fix this if something is wrong with my options? I've looked through and can't find anything that would affect this.

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    We have implemented a feature a while ago called "Automatic voice gain control". If someone is particularly quiet it will boost the clients volume and vice versa. Therefore it takes a little time until their voices are normalised. You could ask them to reduce their microphone boost.
    On Windows this can be done as follows: Right click on the speakers in the tray icon menu, recording devices, right click on the microphone which has a green-white tick on it, properties, third tab (I guess it is called "Level" or something similar).

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