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    MAX USERS and FAMILY MAX USERS and Limited Users in a Channel

    Would someone be so kind as to explain to me how to limit channels to a certain amount of users, and what the two options mean in the advanced tab of the editing a channel:

    MAX USERS (unlimited-limited)


    FAMILY MAX USERS (inherited-unlimited-limited)

    Im unsure of the relationship between MAX USERS and FAMILY MAX USERS.

    Overall goal is to have a public area to our private TS server, a public lobby, with maybe a room or two of public channels but limit the channels to a number, so 5 or so.

    Thanks for the help/

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    MAX USERS = Client Limit of this Channel

    FAMILY MAX USERS= Client Limit of Sub-Channel of this Channel (if set to 5, only 5 Clients can join a Sub-Channel of this Channel)

    Remember Client with the permission "b_channel_join_ignore_maxclients" set ignore the Limit and are able to join

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