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    Popup in the Notifications Area (windows) for joining Teamspeak


    Since I haven't Ts always on my desktop it would be nice to have a popup when someone is joining the Teamspeak server. Just like the standart baloon tips or the status messages from steam.

    I have looked for an addon but haven't seen anything yet. If there is already such an addon, delete this.

    Keep up the good work


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    i think there is no plugin for this.

    You can use the TeamSpeak2 Soundpack for TS3. There you can find a sound. I hope this will help you!

    Best regards

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I haven't found anythng like that and I'm looking for it since about 6 months now
    A sound wouldn't help since I have Ts on my headset but I usually surf without it. So a notification like a baloon tooltip would be awesome.

    PS: But the sound was a nice hint. I set up the same hot key for my soundprofile and for muting my microphone. Now everytime I mute my mic it switches to hifi audio. this should do the trick for now.

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