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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    Your installed german voice actor in your operation system can't handle english language.
    The only way to change this, is to install and activate another TTS voice on your operation system.

    Default Sound Pack (xxx) are recorded wave files from a voice actor (real person or digital voice) which are played.

    Default Text to Speach uses the setting that come from your installed and selected TTS voice.
    We only control how loud you will hear the voice and the text that should be spoken.
    All other settings like voice actor and it's language, speed etc are comming from your operation system.
    Wouldn't it be great to have that shown in TS at the appropriate place to keep people from thinking this is a TS issue? And ideally with an instruction (in the helpfile or via link) HOW to change that setting in your OS?

    I bet that would save you guys more time to answer questions like this than it takes to program it ...

    and now the funny update:
    I just have changed my Text to speech settings (namely the used voice/voice actor) after googleing how to do it properly and after reading all posts in this thread ... I did even reboot the computer, did change the settings in TS again to text to speech, did restart TS ... and TADA - TS is STILL using the same (german) voice and pronouncation the only change is that if I activate the windows text to speech feature now it is prounouncing everything in english, so the german text is actually not understandable... so until you can explain to me step by step what to change and where/how I will insist on this being a TS issue and not a windows settings issue ... because your recomendations/answers do not solve my problem
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    seriously pissed off because this isssue is not solved and was moved to solved

    if anybody would have bothered to read my reply to this you might have noticed that this issue is not solved, simply because your advice/answer/supposed solution DOES NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM

    This is very annoying, and if you do not resply or react to this post then I will open annother ticket.
    if you move my ticket to a clsoed one I can at least expect that you read my replies to that ....

    I am extremely unhappy with this kind of support

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    On a german Windows 8.1/10 you might want to try my german TTS soundpack I posted in #10 of this thread.

    You have a german Windows, so let Teamspeak speak german.

    How to make a german Windows speak english with TTS, I don't know. I tried but I failed. Even with all german voices removed in System Control, Windows insisted on reading everything german. At least in the Teamspeak client, as I don't have any other software that uses TTS.

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    you see, I WANT TS to talk english really and not german. the proposed solution is to change the windows TTS voice actor to the english one .. which I did.. and if I do that it pronounces the german texts english (which makes them not understandable).. but ONLY in windows itself.
    The offered solution states TS would use that voice .. but it does not, it STILL uses the german voice although thatone is not the one active in wondows. So - honestly said- the official answer is WRONG - simple as that

    Which also means, that this problem is most deffinitely NOT solved and should be reopened
    ..or my original post should be treated as a seperate bug .. I do not care which one
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