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    Question Permissions With Server Query - Setup

    Hello TeamSpeak Friends.

    I have a request and hopefully no one finds this strange or too "noob"

    I find the server query stuff too complicated and even tried to use it several times, only to break something.

    Here's my dilemma

    We host several teamspeaks for several of our game servers (each server has it's own TS)

    I'd like to remove certain abilities from the Server Admin group such as max users, max file upload/download, host button, security, logs, etc.

    Is there an easy to use GUI or something similar that I could use?

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thank You!

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    Basically, you can configure template groups in the normal TS client (remember to enable the advanced permission sysem in the settings). They have a green arrow pointing downwards next to them.

    If you still wish to use query, use YaTQA. I don't think there is any other GUI out there for this, except for Psychokiller's web interface maybe.

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    Psychokiller's web interface is the best!

    get it here;

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