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    Rename Query Nickname (Username + IP)

    Is it possible to set it so it does not phonetically say the IP address on every move?

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    Have you set a Server Name / Phonetic Name in the server properties? (right-click the server in your client & select 'Edit Virtual Server')

    Or you could select a different soundpack than 'Default text to speech' in Self > Sound Pack

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    If you want to have the displayed name changed:
    clientupdate client_nickname=bla

    If you only want to change the pronounciation:
    clientupdate client_nickname_phonetic=bla

    According to the query manual, the latter does not exist, but it does. However, whoami does not return this value.

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    Changing serveradmin name properly


    I have been reading questions regarding changing Teamspeak username, it was recommended to use the following command after logging in:

    clientupdate client_nickname=Straznik
    It is changing the name itself properly, but there is still the old name being show in the brackets before username.

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    How can I fix that?


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    The brackets indicate the custom nickname, that is saved in your contacts.
    Just remove that user from your contacts or set show nickname.
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