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Thread: Server Issues

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    Server Issues

    So i joined a team speak server for a game i play and it had 40+ in the server total but no one was in my channel then as my friends joined the channel it started lagging everyone was breaking up and as i clicked peoples avatars it would take like 2 minutes for it too load, Then all the sudden i drop connection. I come back and it was fine i could hear everyone for a good 10 seconds then it all went to shit again with the lag. I was playing my game and was experiencing no lag and i was tabbed in my friends team speak while all this was happening and i didn't drop from his once and i could hear everyone fine but for some reason i was experiencing this in the new server, i kept lagging and i couldn't hear anyone because they were all lagging what is the problem? i tried restarting and it did not help at all.

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    Well as tittle says its server issue, so far I understood it has problem with bandwidth since it cant take more users to speak in 1 the way are we talking about the random server u joined for the game or about server u made urself? If its not yours then you cant actually do much, just try contact the owner....

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    Its not mine i joined it to communicate with others in the game. But yeah my ping in the server is around 151ms and in my friends its a steady 95ms

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