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    Failed to Connect to Any Servers


    Been experiencing some troubles over the last week which started with high latency spikes when playing WOW.... which has been stressful enouh trying to fix.... and now i have this...

    Teamspeak seems to throw me the same issue when trying to connect to any server (the servers are working) including the public voice.teamspeak server, i can ping the voice.teamspeak server however i seem unable to ping my server (thought relevant... but the voice isnt even working for me either so...)

    Upon connecting i get the vague "Failed to Connect to Server" response, however if i reboot my PC... i can often connect for a single time... before the same issue starts up again...

    Computer: I don't feel anything has changed although when all these issues first started.. i did experience a blue screen, and thought nothing of it.

    Modem: Had a new modem put in place by my ISP

    Router: Tried a wired connection instead

    ISP: Claim they are working fine.

    Any ideas?

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    Configuration of new modem is different and perhaps defaults in that device are using some nice, yet who knows how badly implemented features?

    If you can get into administration of your new modem, check it's logs, find out vendor, model ... and search for solution or post back if you will find nothing...

    Also check:
    Different computer using same ISP/internet connection having same issues?

    Check if excluding your router and connecting one pc directly would resolve the issue.

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