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    Voice Activation Detection doesn't work + fix

    The voice activation detection doesn't work. Even with Server Admin rights, fresh Windows installation and correct drivers. When performing the test, it seems to work fine though. Push to talk also works.

    For some reason Windows standard audio drivers might take priority over your headsets drivers. I've known quite a few ppl with the exact same problem and couldn't find the solution online. The solution is simple though:

    Open Control Panel and click Audio. Go to recording. The default recording device is probebly set to your headset. However, when you speak into the microphone, you'll notice the sound bar at USB Microphone going up instead of your headset one. Change the default recording devise to the USB Microphone instead of your headset. Now Voice Activation Detection will work properly.

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    I'm having this exact same issue. I need to switch from Push-To-Talk to Continuous Transmission for one of my games. It isn't working at all. Whether I switch it to Continuous Transmission or Voice Activation Detection, only push-to-talk works.

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