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    Talk power permission issue

    I made a server group on my teamspeak called Muted so that when you are given the rank, your talk power is -999 and you cannot talk. On my previous teamspeak, the rank worked but after I got a new teamspeak and tried making the rank, it doesn't work.

    Any reasons to why it doesn't work?

    Note: If the person is guest and I give them muted, it works. But if they currently have another server group (e.g. Member) it does not work.

    I think I am missing 1 permission that makes it work because it has worked before. I just don't remember exactly how I had it setup.

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    I assume you are using the advanced permission system.

    Clients who are member of two servergroups with talk power "10" and "-999" get the highest value ("10"). But we want the lowest value ("-999"). So we set the talk power of the group "mute" to "-1" and activate "negate". If negate is active the client get the lowest value of both servergroups.

    Server Group "Member": "10"
    Server Group "Mute": "-1" (negate active)

    -> client with both server groups get "-1" talk power.

    Watch this Screenshot.

    Contact me for further questions.

    Best regards
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    Thanks pal, worked perfectly!

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