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    Needed Powers and Granting Powers

    I've know how to increase needed powers for example A trying to join a channel that need powers 1 to join but A does not have it, he only have 0 powers so he can't connect.

    The problem is, I don't know how to grant powers to users, so how I can do it? I have multiple Lounge and each Lounge are different, different discussion and stuffs so I don't want new guest ask to join A channel then after I leave him he join B channel, which I don't give him permission.

    So there's 2 question I am asking here, I hope someone can help me because I am seriously newbie to manage TS, lol!
    Thanks in advance.

    I've check both server and channel groups and I didn't found needed powers options, and stuffs like that, so what I must do? Most of tutorials I've seen seems to be not matched with TS3 now, or maybe I am too idiot to understand it, lol!

    Maybe I have found similiar or maybe the features I need but it seems not its same on my TS3 Clients. ( In this case, I need to change the groups join_powers, something like that.
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    first you have to activate the advanced permissions system. Screenshots: Step 1 -> Step 2
    Thanks for posting my screenshot. After activating it should look similar.

    For every permission integer permission there is a normal power and a needed power.

    For example:
    Set "i_client_poke_power" of the Guests to "5".
    Set "i_client_needed_poke_power" of Server Admin to "10".
    -> Now Guests can't poke Server Admins. Got it?

    So you don't want Guests to join a specific channel. Go to the Guest group, find the permission "i_channel_join_power" and set it to "5".
    Then edit the channel you don't want them to join and set the value at "join" to "10".
    Now Guest have 5 join power. But they need 10 to join this channel.
    Also give every other Server Group which should be able to join "10" or more join power.

    Please do NOT use or modify the granting powers as you don't get anything for it!

    Best regards
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    You should have noted that your socalled "tutorials" are german and no every user here speaks it.

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    This video tutorial will show you how to enable the advanced permissions system and demonstrate how to make a new server group with admin powers:

    The process is the same whether you are making an admin server group or perhaps a server member group. You just have to go through the permissions and give people only what they should have. It is important to take your permissions slow and steady because one mess up can lead you to TeamSpeak ruination lol. So that guide should help you along the way. Please read the whole description for important notes.

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