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    Create a database backup while server is running

    Hello Server Admin's and Devs,

    is it possible to backup a server (mysqldump of database and exact copy of file system) while it is running?
    Do I need to stop the server to get a working copy of my server?

    It is much nicer if the server does not have to stop for every backup because it take a while to initiate a new database connection.

    Thank you for helping.

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    It is strongly recommended to shutdown virtual server before taking a snapshot.
    However, if you aren't changing settings (s.a. group permissions) often, and make backups on a regular basis, it's somewhat safe to make backups from running server.

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    How to hot backup ?


    I'd like to backup my TS server (3.4, able to move 3.5 if required) with no shutdown of it.

    I'm under current config :
    - Win Server 2016 (x64 of course) as Root Admin
    - I'm using PowerShell script to copy files to backup servers
    - I can setup new database (Mysql or SQL Server) if required
    - I'm not using any specific software to backup
    - I now how to setup a windows programmed task

    Obviously, the main problem is that TS database files is locked while trying to backup TS directory.

    Maybe is there any possiblity to migrate from sqlitedb to mysql (eg. keep current data in ts database) ? If so, I know how to properly set backups.
    Or any other solution ?

    See you soon,
    Lix [Playing Society]
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    There is no supported way with the database.
    If you do you always have defined broken database.
    The server stores some data in RAM and writes them on shutdown into the database.

    Snapshots or a backup while the whole instance was stopped (not killed) are the only supported ways.
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