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    Server groups that can only in certain channels



    I have a problem and I hope I can fix it right verschtšndlich to text

    I create my server once the server group A and the server group B.

    For this I create also each have a Channel A and Channel B. a

    Now I ask the server group A to join Power 50 and on Channel A, the only A user can enter this channel the same.

    Now I ask the server group B on Join Power 40 and the same for Channel B, then the B users come only in the B channel and not in the A Channel.

    The B Users are now among themselves but unfortunately the A user can also in the B Channel

    Now here is my question:

    How do I set the access only User A in the A and B channel users only in the B channel?

    ***German part deleted***
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    "Master B" should have not only edited the post, he should have posted this link too

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