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    Globally muted server group problem

    Hi, I have a problem with talk_power and set_flag_talker. My example:

    There is a channel with needed_talk_power of 50.
    I have a MODERATOR who has permission b_client_set_flag_talker grant 60.
    Then I have a SUPER MODERATOR who has the permission b_client_set_flag_talker grant 65, and also to set anybody to the server group "Globally Muted":
    - i_client_talk_power of -1 [x]Negate
    - i_client_poke_power of -1 [x]Negate
    - b_client_set_falg_talker [x]Negate

    There is a "Guest" and a "Member" in my "Talk-Power 50" channel. Members have b_client_set_flag_talker of 50(grant) and a talk_power of 50 (Value). Guest have no talk power..

    The member gives the guest talk power. When I now add both of them to the group "Globally muted" the "Member" is unable to speak and can't give anybody a talk power any more, but unfortunately the guest is still able to talk if the member gave him the talk power before my action. Of course I can revoke the talk power, but why is my server gruop "Globally muted" NOT overwriting the given talk power? Any tipps? Tried to use the "skip" permission but I can't figure out a solution. Please help.
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    What you want is not possible.

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    Talk Power granted though the context-menu option is tier 5, whereas server groups are Tier 1. Tier 5 overrides any lower tier permission, so that's why your Tier 1 doesn't override it. As numma_cway said it's not possible.

    PS: You don't need to give the members grant power, that just allows them to give the permission itself to others, if they're just supposed to grant talk power the permission itself is enough as it does exactly that, allow one to give talk power to someone else.
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