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    Server Checks, but No Login


    I have set up a TS server that used to run properly. Now it doesn't. I've run the connection test ( and it checks out (all green), but i get the message:

    [10:07:41] No reply from server
    Maybe the server is offline
    or maybe teamspeak is not running on it

    I can connect to the server via LAN, but not WAN. This even happens when I put the server on DMZ.


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    nmp123 Guest
    Well if you are on the same internet that the server is hosted off of (known as LAN then you have to join by your internal ip). The only way to join by WAN is if you were outside of the internet connection of the server. And also make sure that you configured your router and if your behind a router you might want to read this post on how to port forward:

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    Your router probably does nto support NAT Loopback. Thus you cant connect through WAN ip. That's no problem, just use the LAN IP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomR1 View Post
    what the hell does that mean brainfull?
    That you only can connect with your internal IP because you are in the same network, once you leave your local network you can connect with your external

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