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    No hotkey works with push to talk

    Hi all,

    I have just downloaded TS3 for Windows 7 (64 bit) and whenever I set any key as push to talk it only works on test mode, the key press is simply not responded to.

    I am running TS3 as an admin and have a workaround where I set my PTT key to unmute the speaker instead, so I leave the channel open all the time and simply unmute when I want to talk, and the key works happily no matter whichever application I have open, so it is not a permission issue and not a bad choice of key.

    I have tried this in several different channels (Opening the channel via a link on a web page or by opening the app and then selecting a channel for completeness), and even with TS3 open and selected the PTT simply doesn't do anything.

    I have re-installed TS3, rebooted, changed keys and read through anything I can find on these forums (Such as changing the mic setting to not get hogged by a single application, not that that was the problem but I tried it anyway) with no luck.

    Please help

    Edit: I have set new capture profiles up, new hotkey profiles, new bookmarks and changed the capture mode settings to all possible options.

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    Nobody got any suggestions at all?

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