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    Whenever someone talks the volume of my music lowers

    So im having this problem that whenever someone is talking my music lowers.
    I've already disabled the volume control in the plugins setting and i have disabled it on my computer.
    I've searched around a little bit but havent found a solution yet so now im here trying to find something, Thanks!

    I have tried using other programs to see if that helps but it doesnt. So it has to be teamspeak or some setting on the computer that i've missed.
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    This is a feature of Windows 7. I'm at a WinXP computer right now and don't have a Win7 one handy, so you might just have a look at the audio settings (right-click the speaker icon in the systray and select the non-bold item I think).

    /Edit: Sorry, I didn't read the "and" in that one sentence. Maybe there is such a setting in WMP, too.

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    That'd be the communications tab in the sound settings.

    However, there're also "features" of sound card manufacturers that may cause this, like Creative's "Smart Volume".

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    i have already disabled it under the communications tab and im also using a usb headset if this helps somehow.

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