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    3.0.14 Missing QtGui4.dll error message on startup

    When I updated the application did not restart. I had to go to the folder and I ran update again. It appeared that nothing happened it just went to 100%. Then I clicked start Teamspeak.

    An error message pops up saying "The program can't start because QtGui4.dll is missing from your computer."

    I close the message and Teamspeak starts up.

    On a side note it seems like it does not come to the front on startup. I feel like it did before. Not sure on that though.

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    That's because you have old plugins that depend on Qt4. You'll receive one such message for every plugin that depends on Qt4. You will either have to remove these old plugins until they're updated or live with that error message until you updated the offending plugin.
    It does say so in the changelog / announcement thread.
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    Thanks! Same happened to me, although after the update, my Teamspeak didn't work at all. If I click on the Teamspeak shortcut, nothing happens. Not even a process in task manager opens up. I went to the Teamspeak 3 folder in Program Files and run die update.exe from there, and it downloaded 80kb of something. Anyway...

    I had I file MusicBot.dll that caused that error. Deleted it from the plugins folder, and error message is gone now. Thanks for the quick fix

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