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    Permissions not working

    There are different channels which are meant for certain groups, each allocated with their own join power. However, users with a join power less than the join power of the channel are still able to join. Normal guests can enter any channel, no matter how high the join power is. I've watched some videos on youtube regarding how to set up permissions, yet I still can't find out the cause of this issue. I hope someone can help me, and thanks for your help in advance.

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    It is as said in the docs and I presume also in the tutorials/videos you watched, a simple comparing of join_power and needed_join_power. But the join_power of a user is the combination of his user right, channel-user rights, channel group rights and server group right. Therefor there is a function called "permission overview" which will display you the effective combination of all this roles. You might want to check that... there yoll most probably find your issue.

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