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    Unhappy checks on boxes return to off

    If i put a check in a box inside the options and i click APPLY they allways disappear.
    and if i try to set the DEFAULT in my Capture on the Capture device to the other option, like to the microphone
    and hit APPLY it also goes back to default.
    and when i try to talk in my headset's microphone, the other mic on my desk also picks up the sound
    so the players on the game hear the double sound from my end.

    so can somebody help me how can i fix these problems.



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    Sounds like a permission issue to write those settings.
    Did you by any chance install Teamspeak to the standard path (program files) while choosing the settings to be in the application folder?
    That'd result in problems with UAC which would forbid to write the settings in that location.

    If you don't have any settings anyways, you can just reinstall using the other option for settings, else have a look if there's a "config" folder in your teamspeak directory (which, again, would be in program files oder program files(x86)).
    If so, that's the combination to avoid.

    With TeamSpeak not running, you can do:
    Open another explorer window, enter
    . This will bring you to sth. like C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Roaming.
    Move the config folder over there, rename it to
    Start TeamSpeak.
    It will automatically find the settings on the new location, where it also has write access.

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    thanks Philo

    this was a great help, things are running well now

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