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    How to Remove Someone from Admin Server Query group?

    Can someone please help me remove 3 people from Admin Server Query group? What is the steps I need to do?

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    1. Do not add anyone to Admin Server Query.
    2. Do not add anyone to Admin Server Query.
    3. The feature to edit query group membership management has been removed from the TeamSpeak client to prevent people from doing those stupid things. You must now use a query software. There are normal telnet clients (like the one that ships with Windows) or a graphical client like YaTQA. YaTQA must be set from "idiot-safe mode" to "suicidal mode" (settings, 6th check box on the right), because adding yourself to Admin Server Query is risky (and therefore forbidden to discuss on this forum), but you can hardly be more stupid than adding someone else to Admin Server Query...

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