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    Chat / messages from web interface?

    I've seen there are a few addons that allow sending messages to all channels via a web interface, but is there an addon I'm missing or a way to see the chat channels from the web interface? You can't see any responses so far from what I've seen, can only send messages.

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    You can read server chat by subscribing the query client to the relevant notifications.
    In theory you can also read the channel chat but you'd need to have a query client in each channel to get the channel chat of that channel as you can only see the channel chat of your own channel.
    Private chat you can only read what has been written to your query client.

    But I guess most web interfaces don't implement that as it would require a constant connection to the server as opposed to just a quick connection to get the info you want or update the settings you want changed. Same goes for sending a message, it only requires a brief connection to actually send the message.
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