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    People stuck my client by sending me garbage messages

    Some people are sending me this the chatbox

    After they send it, the client starts to hang and increase my memory and cpu usage.

    I think TeamSpeak staff should be notified about that.

    Best Regards,

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    TeamSpeak Community Forums
    They already have, there is (was?) a plugin for the client version 3.0.14, although the bug that it affects will be fixed in 3.0.15

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    Hello, my problem starts when I update my TeamSpeak 3 to the latest version (3.0.14)...
    After I update this when I open the program nothing happens but when I try to enter any server the program's closed without error messages.
    I'm from Brazil and I don't understand very well English language.
    I've just tried re-install the old version and update it; I try too download the latest version direct from this website; I've put in off my firewall and antvirus; I've restart my computer; I try too put the program in compatibility mode and admin mode.
    Nothing worked and I'm very angry because I really need very much this program.
    Sorry! I think that I post this in the wrong way, but please resolve my problem.

    My O.S: 64-bits.
    There's a video who I make to show what happens when I try to enter any server:

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    Crash Bug

    This guy joined my teamspeak channel and asked if I liked music. Next thing my friends and I teamspeak3 clients crash. We can't connect back on to our server, and when we do try our teamspeak immediately crashes. People who did not meet the guy can join the teamspeak, but we cannot. Any fixes or help?

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    Unhappy Somebody hacked my server

    Hi, somebody injected something to a server where I have server admin permissions.
    2days ago I got client crash, and everytime I try to connect to that server my Client freezes.

    Clear cache thing works, but that server Had 200daily users and I cant contact them and tell what to Do. Is there another solution?
    EDIT: I ment I confirmed that everyone get client crashes from now on till they clear they cache.

    2014-06-21 00:22:05.629128|INFO    |              |   | TeamSpeak 3 Client 3.0.14 (2014-03-12 11:49:03)
    2014-06-21 00:22:05.629128|INFO    |              |   | SystemInformation: Windows 7 SP1 (7601) x64 (AMD or Intel) Binary: 64bit
    2014-06-21 00:22:05.649129|DEBUG   |Direct Sound  |   | setting timer resolution to 1ms
    2014-06-21 00:22:05.722133|INFO    |              |   | Loading plugin: appscanner_plugin
    2014-06-21 00:22:05.722133|INFO    |              |   | Loading plugin: clientquery_plugin
    2014-06-21 00:22:05.722133|INFO    |              |   | Loading plugin: lua_plugin
    2014-06-21 00:22:05.722133|INFO    |              |   | Loading plugin: soundboard
    2014-06-21 00:22:05.722133|INFO    |              |   | Loading plugin: teamspeak_control_plugin
    2014-06-21 00:22:05.722133|INFO    |              |   | Loading plugin: test_plugin
    2014-06-21 00:22:05.722133|INFO    |              |   | Loading plugin: ts3g15
    2014-06-21 00:22:05.722133|INFO    |              |   | Skipping Qt4 dependant overlay plugin
    2014-06-21 00:22:05.722133|INFO    |              |   | Skipping Qt4 dependant overlay plugin
    2014-06-21 00:22:05.745135|INFO    |Query         |   | listening on
    2014-06-21 00:22:07.081211|INFO    |              |   | Failed to load plugin: C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\plugins\soundboard.dll
    2014-06-21 00:22:07.081211|INFO    |              |   | LoadLibrary error: 126
    2014-06-21 00:22:07.087211|INFO    |              |   | *** Time [PLUGINS]: 1368
    2014-06-21 00:22:07.371228|DEVELOP |Windows Audio Session|   | DeviceDeleteList::waitForDeletes - enter
    2014-06-21 00:22:07.371228|DEVELOP |Windows Audio Session|   | DeviceDeleteList::waitForDeletes - leave
    2014-06-21 00:22:07.468233|INFO    |              |   | *** Time [SERVERVIEWMANAGER]: 190
    2014-06-21 00:22:07.551238|INFO    |Input         |   | Default monitoring enabled
    2014-06-21 00:22:07.593240|INFO    |              |   | *** Time [MAINWINDOW]: 1968
    2014-06-21 00:22:07.594240|INFO    |              |   | *** Time [INIT]: 1969
    2014-06-21 00:22:07.622242|INFO    |ClientUI      |   | Qt version: 5.2.1
    2014-06-21 00:22:07.622242|INFO    |ClientUI      |   | Using configuration location: C:\Users\REDER\AppData\Roaming\TS3Client\settings.db
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.123271|INFO    |ClientUI      |   | Last update check was: Sat Jun 21 00:21:17 2014
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.128271|INFO    |ClientUI      |  1| Connect to server:
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.133271|INFO    |ClientUI      |  1| Trying to resolve
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.138271|INFO    |TSDNS         |   | SRV DNS resolve unsuccessful for ""
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.144272|INFO    |TSDNS         |   | No SRV TSDNS found at ""
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.144272|INFO    |TSDNS         |   | No SRV TSDNS found at ""
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.151272|INFO    |TSDNS         |   | DNS resolve successful, ""=***SERVER IP****
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.739306|INFO    |ClientUI      |  1| Lookup finished: ***SERVER IP**** 0 0
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.739306|INFO    |ClientUI      |  1| Resolve successful: ***SERVER IP****
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.743306|INFO    |ClientUI      |  1| Blacklist check ok
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.744306|INFO    |ClientUI      |  1| Initiating connection: ***SERVER IP****
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.825311|DEVELOP |Windows Audio Session|   | DeviceDeleteList::waitForDeletes - enter
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.825311|DEVELOP |Windows Audio Session|   | DeviceDeleteList::waitForDeletes - leave
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.825311|DEBUG   |Windows Audio Session|   | WAS::openDevice-enter
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.835311|DEBUG   |Windows Audio Session|   | WAS Buffer size: 960
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.835311|DEBUG   |Windows Audio Session|   | WAS::openDevice-leave
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.835311|DEBUG   |Windows Audio Session|   | WAS::startDevice-enter
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.835311|DEBUG   |Windows Audio Session|   | WAS::startDevice-leave
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.969319|DEVELOP |Windows Audio Session|   | DeviceDeleteList::waitForDeletes - enter
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.970319|DEVELOP |Windows Audio Session|   | DeviceDeleteList::waitForDeletes - leave
    2014-06-21 00:22:08.970319|DEBUG   |Windows Audio Session|   | WAS::openDevice-enter
    2014-06-21 00:22:09.001321|DEBUG   |Windows Audio Session|   | WAS Buffer size: 896
    2014-06-21 00:22:09.002321|DEBUG   |Windows Audio Session|   | WAS::openDevice-leave
    2014-06-21 00:22:09.002321|INFO    |PreProSpeex   |  1| Speex version: speex-1.2beta3
    2014-06-21 00:22:09.002321|DEBUG   |Windows Audio Session|   | WAS::startDevice-enter
    2014-06-21 00:22:09.003321|DEBUG   |Windows Audio Session|   | WAS::startDevice-leave
    2014-06-21 00:22:09.090326|INFO    |ClientUI      |  1| Connect status: Connecting
    2014-06-21 00:22:09.090326|DEVELOP |PktHandler    |   | Puzzle solve time: 17
    2014-06-21 00:22:09.232334|INFO    |ClientUI      |  1| Connect status: Connected
    2014-06-21 00:22:09.271336|INFO    |ClientUI      |  1| Connect status: Establishing connection
    2014-06-21 00:22:09.415344|INFO    |ClientUI      |  1| Connect status: Connection established
    2014-06-21 00:22:09.418345|INFO    |PermManager   |   | Loading permissions from cache

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    Angry TS3 close itself while connect to cartelgaming ts3


    I got trouble since new version TS3, I dont know what is trouble/problem. But old version is fine for me. And I am using windows 7 pro with laptop Dell N5110

    First after updating new version
    I put same IP/Address to server which it belong to cartel gaming for gaming clan.

    while connect

    <11:40:00> Trying to resolve xxxxxxx

    Once get inside server

    It close itself, and I realize what is problem?
    Not even I start inside TS3
    Just appear on TS3 and close itself

    And I tried connect other gaming TS3 seem fine only 4 address could not get inside TS3
    I usually use TS3 for group/platoon/talking
    Last edited by dante696; June 23rd, 2014 at 03:09 PM. Reason: log and ip removed

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    Crash Teamspeak Client with Chat..

    Found that someone can crash a teamspeak client via chat, and will remain to crash until cache is cleared..
    just by pasting in..

    Please fix this!
    Last edited by dante696; June 23rd, 2014 at 03:08 PM. Reason: code removed, already fixed. serach function...

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    Client crash issues? Try Updating!

    Recently I have had several people come onto my server and posted the following img code:

    This in turn made all clients unresponsive. Except for those that were running 3.0.15. So especially if someone has come on your server and your client has become non-responsive just as you hear a ding, update your client.
    Last edited by Chris; June 26th, 2014 at 08:21 AM.

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    Was someone trying to exploit my client?

    Someone who is part of my server (it seems) pasted to me a whole bunch of giberish BB code as shown in the screenshot. Was this an attempt to glitch/crash/exploit me? If it is I will be removing the guy permanently.
    Last edited by Chris; July 2nd, 2014 at 07:07 AM.

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    I suppose this is a programming error

    Hello guys, I'm new in the forum, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong area.

    So, this is happening...

    People are dropping from the server because of this: (I don't know if I can type the code here.)

    When people type that code, TS3 freezes. (The PROGRAM freezes, not the SERVER.)

    I suppose this is a programming error, so I'm just posting this because I think you guys should know about it.

    Sorry for my bad English.
    Last edited by GhostSkin; July 8th, 2014 at 11:38 PM. Reason: Changing the words to make a better sense.

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