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    Can hear friend only when my push to talk is pressed, i hear all others correct

    I have Win 7
    My capture settings:
    So the problem is: i hear everybody good and clear but i have trouble with 1 person when he talk i hear him sometimes like roobot but mostly i hear only crackling noises BUT, but when i press my "push to talk button" i hear him clearly and corret... any one can tell me whati can do? i Tried to change mode and device but no changes

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    That other person is most likely using 3G. 3G is usually pretty slow unless required to be faster. If that person hears you talking, this seems to pass the threshold for 3G to get faster. There's nothing you yourself can do. Your friend can either get decent internet or (if this cell phone contract allows that) visit a server with a music bot or watching a video stream (radio streams won't work because they get cached every 30 seconds or so, not sure about video streams either), constantly boosting his 3G performance.

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