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    Display problem icons, avatars and more

    I apologize in advance for my bad english ... (I use google translate)
    Here is my problem:
    2 weeks ago I do not see any icon on my TeamSpeak I am administrator (it's not me who pays ) . Also I can not even see them in the list of icons or even add .
    No member can see other avatars or hers ( Image Loading ) and nobody can change his own avatar.
    No one can also view in "Open File Browser" ...
    I do not know if it there's other problem I did not really do all around.
    In short, all this after cleaning machines with CCleaner and then I noticed that my folder containing all the icons on TeamSpeak had disappeared .
    ( I wishes to clarify that all other administrator have the same problem as me , HOWEVER , some members still see the icons) . I do not understand .
    Thank you kindly clarify me .

    And if possible answer me in English easily understandable
    (I'm French )

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    Those who can still see the icons have them cached still. You deleted dyour cahce and they don't exist on the server anymore, thus you can't see them. The icons will have to be uploaded again by someone with appropriate permissions.
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