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Thread: Avatars

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    Question Avatars

    A little explanation before master Dante and his apprentice Chris use their favorite expression "Rejected, we wont add this"
    In permissions can be defined which user or group can use an avatar and its filesize.
    Is there any meaning why users/groups can have different avatar sizes? The actual size (pixel) is AFAMK hardcoded (like icons), so me doesnt see a point to grant i. e. user A an avatar size of 10 KB and user B a size of 100 KB.
    Wouldnt it be better, to define an avatar maxsize in server settings and just use an "b_client_use_avatar" permission do define who can have one?

    What do you think folks?
    (and espcially our weird-suggestions-master Morthawt )

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    I kind of agree, but I don't think this should be changed. While your suggestion would make the use of this feature a bit easier for admins, the current implementation gives you more flexibility. There are a lot of servers where the admins (aka posers) use animated avatars, which are usually larger in filesize than regular images.

    What always disturbed me about the avatar feature is that you cannot change the max image size for avatars. 300x300 is waaaaaay too large for an avatar imho... that's why I downscaled them in my own stylesheet. But it seems that most people want to see the boobies on girls avatars in full size... so I guess they'd prefer the 300x300 dimensions.

    So in short... I'd like even more flexibility for the avatar feature while having an improved and more simple UI.

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