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    Solved I don't have the /Tools/Query button on my client.


    I would like to generate a new TS3 virtual server. I have a 3.0.14 TS3 client.

    I have read, I must go in the menu /Tools/serverQuery to create A new one, but I don't see this option on my TS3 client.

    When I rigth-click on my name. I see I am server admi in set server group.

    I only have got the "ServerQuery Login" Tools menu.

    Thank's fro your help if you have got any Idea.

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    This menu item does not exist anmyore.

    Changelog from client 3.0.9
    - Removed built-in serverquery Window. Future server versions do not support
      this anymore.
    Please use telnet or putty or a webadmin.
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    Thanks for this answer.

    I am going to check that.

    Is it possible to close this topic?

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    3.0.16 Problems

    This version, is by far, the worst you could make.
    I don't understand those changes but this is you.

    I have two questions which are important, why for the love of god can't I access my ServerQuery anymore?
    In older versions I would just hit "Tools" then "ServerQuery" and run every cmd I would like through it.

    Why do I have to launch a third-party software to access the Query? as in PuTTy or any else.
    What's the point in it? Why everything is changing and is there a way I can downgrade my software?
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    I think it was a security concern. As this update was released more than 2 years ago and you start complaining now, you either took that long to notice or did not update your client, so security doesn't seem to be much of a topic for you.

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