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Thread: Hosting Server

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    February 2014

    Hosting Server

    Hey everyone...
    Im wondering if this is for everyone

    I can run my NPL-server perfect...
    But if i switch my laptop over to Wireless internet, everyone connected to my server gets disconnected and is not able to re-connect...

    If i turn back to Cable... they all connect again...

    Any idea's to solve this or is this not possible..?

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    February 2014
    I assume your "server" is your laptop, your WiFi adaptor has different settings than your lan adaptor, so port forwarding will no longer work

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    That would be my guess, too. Your WLAN IP and your LAN IP will most probably be different. I also would not advise to run a "server" on a half duplex wireless based network link.

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    February 2014
    Got it fixed
    My IP4v adress changed.. on wireless
    So now i got my Cable + Wireless IP4v adress forwarding...
    And it all works perfectly...

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