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    Cannot see icons for server groups

    Hi guys, I had to set up my server again thanks to the host moving me to a new server and it blew away everything so now I have build everything from scratch. Somewhere along the line I must have checked off something that removes the icons when you view them as seen below. When I choose Set Server Group from the account you can see no icons, I do have icons assigned though. I am able to assign the groups without issues.

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    That is because the icons do not show in the right click menu. They are only visible when editing the group icon and in the main client window

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    Good lord I am going insane then, I could have sworn that they were visible when selecting them to the user but looking it at it now only the check mark appears indicating a user has it assigned. I was up till late, not enough sleep and things are all foggy right now. I need to log out of the admin before I really melt something down. Thanks for the heads up.

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