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    New server group and icons

    This is a 2 part question/issue

    1) I added a new server group called "Officer". I want them to have the same permissions as "member" but have the ability to add "guests" to the "member" group.

    2) I also would like to use custom icons for the server groups but have not found any tutorial to be of any help.


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    You want a new group with 90% permissions group 'X' and add some new.
    Permission -> Server Group -> choose 'Х' group, copies, rename new group and changed i_group_sort_id/Group Sort ID* the required number of. Groups sorted by number, if 'X' group '3' adn T group '5'. 'X' group the list is higher than 'T'.
    You group "member" has permission
    i_group_needed_member_add_power ('X' number)
    i_group_needed_member_remove_power ('X' number)
    Go to NEW GROUP and add 'X' number group "member" (need to y=x || y>x ). If (y>x) "Officer" can not give and take group "member"
    i_group_member_add_power ('y' number)
    i_group_member_remove_power ('y' number)

    if you move cursor to the privilege opens window with a prompt
    * You can change names privileges in the bottom of window
    read ts3_serverquery_manual

    Permission -> Server Group -> Group i_icon_id/Icon_ID
    Right-click Add permission or click free space in column value.
    Upload/delete and double-click on icon(Apply,your choice)
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    Does the sort order have anything to do with the function of the group?

    I added a few new server groups and now I can not add someone to server admin group. I don't think I made any changes to that group. Everything else seems to be working ok.

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    Group Sort ID information: If set, this value defines the sort order of the groups and its icons in the permission system. If unset or zero, the group ID is taken to determine the sort order.

    Does the sort order have anything to do with the function of the group? NO

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    Got it figured out.


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