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    Advanced Premission problem with having cloaked channel and admin conflikt


    I i have got the easy task of setting up the most complicated server setup in my life.

    What they ask for is several (20+ groups) to all be managed by 3 different types of admins:

    Director role
    CEO Roles
    Server Admin roles

    They also want a channel where only Server Admins can see who is inside and join were CEO and directors can not.

    The problem is i set up so CEO can give out 15 "normal" groups and Director 10 "Guest groups" And Server admin can do everything. But when i try making the "cloaked" channel and removing the ability for CEO and directors to join and see that channel they also lose the ability to hand out their own groups.
    The problem lies in b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions if i remove that they lose the ability to do so.
    Is there a way to have that permission off and still be able to do the cloaked room?


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    The best way to create selective access secure channels is with a special channel group based method. See this video tutorial:

    With this, you can manually choose who can enter the designated channel or channels. Per person. It would not be based on servergroup "rank" but rather a per person basis. I hope that helps you out. TS permissions can be quite the challenge! But on that same youtube channel there are other tutorials that may be of use to you if you are setting up something as complicated as it seems.

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    What kind of management do the 3 kinds of administrators are allowed to do? If you can add details we could help you set this system up.

    The task is quite easily done, but you want them to have certain channel level restrictions and you are giving them powers to skip those restrictions by handling the b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions. Doing this is a poorly designed permissions setup and may fetch you some complications in the future.


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